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Our Aims

In Bantaskin we aim to ‘Get it Right for Every Child’.

Safe: Create a happy, safe and inclusive environment for learning.

Healthy: Help children to make sensible choices for a healthy lifestyle.

Achieving: Provide challenging, creative and enterprising learning experiences which develop skills for life.

Nurturing: Give pupils the care and support that they need to be happy and confident in their learning.

Active: Provide a wide range of experiences which encourage active play and sporting skills.

Respected: Involve pupils in decision making, planning and the direction of their learning.

Responsible: Enable pupils to become involved in the life of the school community by taking on roles and responsibilities.

Included: Encourage pupils to recognise their strengths and feel that they are a valued member of our school community.

Our new school aims and values were decided last session, with involvement from all pupils, staff and parents. They are displayed throughout the school.